Wrapping all existing ads leads to higher ad revenue

An important part of the Ezoic setup process is ensuring that all of your existing ads are wrapped with Ezoic placeholder code.

Wrapping existing ads ensures that any ads on your website — prior to using Ezoic — remain unchanged on the original version of your website for testing (i.e. splitting traffic). They also turn your existing ad placements into Ezoic placeholders when traffic is sent through to Ezoic (allowing Ezoic to display ad tests in those locations).

We've often found that publishers do not have all of their existing ads wrapped.

In a recent case study by our data science department, we have determined that wrapping ads is one of the best revenue optimization techniques you can do on the Ezoic platform.

Case Studies: When all ads are wrapped, earnings go up

Below are several sites that went from having only a partial number of their ad wrapped to having all of their ads wrapped. The results show both increased revenue and improved user experience metrics.

Case Study #1:



This website did not have 3 of their existing ad units wrapped; preventing Ezoic from accounting for them in optimization. It turns out, these ads were diluting the value of all ads throughout the session.

Once all the ads were wrapped on this website, EPMV nearly tripled. They also saw a massive increase in total revenue. They saw an increase of nearly $500 per day in revenue.

The unwrapped ads were badly diluting the ad value; causing lowered revenue than what was possible with Ezoic.


This site also saw a slight increase in pageviews per visit; as now Ezoic was able to better understand the relationship between average pageviews per visit and ad density.

Case Study #2


This publisher saw a 43% increase in EPMV once they decided to ensure that all ads on their site's pages were wrapped.

This particular publisher felt that they had several ads on their page that "didn't need to be optimized" by Ezoic, so they left them unwrapped for a period of time.

Once they elected to wrap these ads, their revenue more than doubled in the next 4 months (nearly an additional $2,500 per month).