Every Website Visitor Is Different

Website visitors all prefer different experiences when browsing the web. Different ad placements, layouts, and content can have major impacts on user experience metrics and website revenue. The problem is that the effects of these changes vary from visitor to visitor.

Publishers and website owners are typically stuck with delivering every visitor the same experience. Data tells us that this is affecting UX metrics and ad earnings in a negative way.

Ezoic gives publishers the ability to customize each session to match the optimal combination of all these factors to each website visitor.


A Platform for Publishers

Ezoic allows website owners, brands, publishers, and bloggers to automatically test different ad placements, layouts, and content on different visitors to learn more about how these things are affecting website revenue and key user experience metrics (like bounce rate, session duration, and pageviews per visit).

The Ezoic platform uses machine learning to determine what kinds of experiences different kinds of visitors prefer and then leverages this data to extend user sessions.

This method of improving each session increases ad revenue and core UX metrics at the same time.

Signing up to use Ezoic is simple and accelerated integration ensures that all websites can use Ezoic. Sign up now! 


Starting With Ad Tester®

Most Ezoic users start out using Ad Tester. Ad Tester is an application available on the Ezoic platform that lets publishers test thousands of potential ad locations at once.

Ezoic learns which ad combinations improve UX metrics and increases website revenue, then customizes every session to balance UX and revenue for every visitor.

Publishers can use all of their existing ad partners (AdSense, etc.), leverage the thousands of partners already inside Ezoic, or a combination of both. Learn about Ad Tester.


Improve UX & Revenue

Ad Tester® and Layout Tester®  are proven to increase pageviews per visit, session duration, and reduce bounce rate by customizing user sessions based on billions of rows of data.

This typically leads to revenue improvements above 50%. However, Ezoic allows publishers to compare apples-to-apples by splitting traffic between Ezoic and the  original website configuration

The Ezoic platform is easy to set up, simple to use, and works with any CMS, host, etc.


Supported By Science

Authentically extending user sessions has a direct correlation with higher session earnings, and increasing engaged pageviews per visit can have an exponential impact of digital revenue.

Impacting user experience is one of the most significant factors in a publisher’s ability to generate website revenue, organic traffic, and more…

Ezoic publishers typically see linear improvements across all core user experience metrics after joining the platform. What’s more, website owners often see SEO improvements due to these changes as well.

You can view one of our most recent case studies further highlighting this well-known science below. View Case Study.



More Tools For Publishers

Ezoic includes dozens of helpful applications for publishers. This includes features like Ad Mediation

Mediation allows website owners to connect all existing ad partners and have them compete on an even playing field inside Ezoic. 

See how mediation is performing in the context of overall website revenue and more.


Layout Tester®

Layout Tester works like Ad Tester except it tests dozens of potential layouts. Ezoic learns which layouts and ad positions have the strongest effect on ad revenue and user experience.

Ezoic will help publishers automatically customize every session to match visitor preferences. This improves user experience and website revenue at the exact same time.


AMP Conversion & Testing

Automatically make pages mobile-friendly or convert them to AMP. Bring the power of Ezoic testing into AMP pages and deliver your visitors an exceptional mobile experience.

Don’t let your AMP project be a waste of time and efforts. Many AMP conversion projects include plugins that degrade the overall performance of mobile sites. Ezoic allows publishers to bring over their existing mobile experience to AMP; while also introducing Ezoic testing into the environment.


Security, Speed and More

The Ezoic platform features an app store filled with helpful tools designed specifically for website owners and digital publishers. These apps allow publishers to quickly add features and functions to their website that previously would have taken significant amounts of time or required deep development.

Publishers can add advanced caching and page speed features to their websites and easily add an SSL and other security features using tools in the app store. 

Publishers can access the app store and all Ezoic platform features by signing up here. 



You're In Control, Ezoic Does The Work

Once integrated, publishers have complete control over testing and experiments. Users can split test by device and control the percentage of traffic they deliver to Ezoic.

Website owners can monitor improvements over time in the dashboard and access advanced reporting to review unprecedented data about their websites.

Ezoic is built to help all digital property owners, managers, and stakeholders scale smarter decision-making.


Get Started Using Ezoic Now

Signing up for the Ezoic platform is simple. Ezoic’s accelerated integration ensures all websites can leverage Ezoic to its fullest abilities. Setting up Ezoic takes very little time and doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge.


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