Ad Tester allows you to test thousands of ad combinations simultaneously. Rather than manually setting up the different experiments, all you need to do is add placeholders to your site. 

A "placeholder" is a potential ad location. 

When you begin testing, Ezoic's system will use these placeholders to create new, customized ad combinations for each user. 

We recommend adding at least 10-15 placeholders per page.

Don't worry - that doesn't mean 10-15 ads will show, it just means that the system has the ability to test various ad combinations out of the placeholders provided. 

Placeholders take the guesswork out of running an experiment. Ezoic's artificial intelligence automatically figures out the best ad combination for each individual user using scientific data from your site. 

The more options you give the system to test, the more customized the outcome, which means better user experience for visitors and more revenue for publishers. 

Creating, Optimizing, and Customizing Placeholders

Creating new placeholders can either be done by either manually adding new placholder codes into the site, or with our Chrome Extension. With the extension, you can also preview the placeholders on the site and control the sizes shown on each device. 

to create placeholders, navigate to the Ad Test app in your Ezoic account:

STEP ONE: Click the 'Add Display Ad Unit' button to create a new display placeholder.