Now that testing is underway, you'll be starting to think about how your site is performing and considering tracking metrics over the long term. 

This is where Ezoic Analytics provides unparalleled insights. This guide will highlight:

  • Where to find relevant information on earning performance
  • using Engaged User Experience Metrics
  • Tracking changes in traffic and geolocation off users
  • Using Ezoic's Advanced Reporting Feature


The earnings tab gives you the most accurate breakdown in revenue performance. Earnings are collected here for the percentage of your traffic seeing the Ezoic optimized version of your site (revenue from non-Ezoic traffic will collect in your previous ad network accounts as normal). 


In addition, you'll be able to view the Mediation earnings. Ad Mediation is where you can link your existing ad partnership into testing. This is enabled for members who have joined into the AdSense Certified Partnership. For more information please contact your account manager or

These Mediation earnings are collected in your AdSense account (they are labelled as "Ezoic" Units in Adsense Reports > Common Reports > Ad Units) but are included into the calculation of your total Ezoic EPMV