Many publishers have enjoyed the benefits of Ezoic’s full layout testing platform over the years. Now, a new Ezoic feature helps you get even more comfortable with the idea of ‘website optimization’.

Ezoic’s Ad Tester allows you to create up to 100 different ad units to place all over your site. You choose areas that you think ads will do best in, and Ezoic will measure which ad sizes, positions and colors maximize your revenue for each page.

The Ad Tester is considered to be just the first phase of testing. After a few weeks of Ad Tester, you will be asked to migrate into the full platform, which tests different layouts in order to improve user experience and revenue simultaneously.

Full Layout Optimization tests hundreds of different layouts and over 650 different ad positions on your exact same content and code. Acting almost like a proxy, the system then measures important user metrics on each page and determines which layouts and ad placements your users prefer the most! Effectively, your users will be the ones choosing your layouts for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. This is a great way to get set-up with a mobile-friendly site if you haven’t already done so!

Both are extremely powerful tools that can benefit both you and your site. You can choose to use just the Ad Tester, just the Full Layout Optimization or a combination of both! To get started with either, you will need to sign-up & then get integrated via the changing of nameservers.

To recap:

Ezoic Ad Tester

  • You place the code/ad units in the areas you want to test
  • Ezoic measures how your different ad placements affect revenue

Ezoic Full Layout Optimization

  • Tests different layouts and ad placements on desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • Is fully-automated and data-driven
  • Focuses on improving user experience and revenue simultaneously