The Ezoic system automatically builds a menu from your existing content. Most of the time the Menu on the Ezoic layouts mirrors that of the original site. However, there are times when the original menu is too large for some of the Ezoic layouts, and therefore it has to be reconfigured. Our team does their best to build your Menu for you, but if you need to add, edit, or move Menu Items, it can be done following the steps below.

Site Settings

Once you've logged into the User Dashboard, go to the Settings area of the dashboard.

Menu Items

On this screen you can see what the current Menu looks like in the Preview area. In the Menu Structure section, you can drag items up and down or indent them by selecting the four sided arrow. If you indent a Menu Item it will appear as a Sub Menu Item in the menu bar (see Add Menu Item step). For an example on how to add a Menu Item, see the steps below. To remove a Menu Item, select the red "X" button next to the item you wish to delete.


Add Menu Item

If you wish to add a Menu Item to your current menu, select the Add Item button and complete the form. The Label area is what the item will be labelled as on the Menu and the URL is where the Item directs visitors. You do not need to include the entire URL, just the part following your domain name. Select Add Menu Item when you've filled out the information.

Create Sub Menu Item/Preview

As an example, we have added a Contact page and indented it to appear as a Sub Menu Item in the menu. If you hover over the Preview area, you can see how your changes will be reflected.