Congratulations on being approved and set up for Ezoic’s Layout Tester! The results for this app are astonishing - most long term users see a 42% improvement in user experience metrics, and an 141% improvement in revenue compared to their original setup. The SEO benefits of Layout Tester are well publicised - contact our support team ( if you would like to see some case studies.

Here are some important things to bear in mind when turning the system ‘on’ for the first time:

  • You are in complete control of this process - if you ever want to pause or stop testing, just navigate to the App in your Ezoic dashboard and toggle ‘off’. This will send all of your users back to your unchanged original site.

  • You can preview all of the potential templates in the Layout Tester app (and disable any if you like). We recommend avoiding this as far as possible, as the system will automatically eliminate anything which doesn’t objectively work for your users (and sometimes the results are surprising!)

  • Remember that you might be seeing something different to the next person - each user is cookied into a single template to ensure they see the same layout each time. If you want to see the site as a new user might, feel free to use an incognito window (or clear your cookies).

  • The system caches each template as it is visited in order to boost site speed with Ezoic’s worldwide CDN. This means that for the first couple of visits to a new template, it may feel sluggish. It’s only temporary, and has big site speed benefits for all your users, so stick with it.

  • The initial optimisation period for a site using the tool is typically 12 weeks (although the system often finds improvements in revenue and user experience much more quickly than this). Here’s a timeline of what you can typically expect to see - the more traffic you send, the shorter this will be.

We’re here to help - feel free to send a message to if you have any questions!