At the end of each month, Ezoic will pay you for the ad revenue from the previous month. In order to collect those earnings you will need to update your payment settings to reflect the way in which you would like to be paid.

To select your payment settings please go to Account (on the top right hand corner of the screen) > Payment Settings.


On this page you can choose your payment threshold and form of payment. Payments will go out at the end of the month between the 27th and 31st. Whatever payment methods is in the system at the time payments are made, will be applied for that month.

The default threshold is $20, but that can be changed to whatever threshold you prefer.

There are also a number of payment methods you can choose from including:

1) Cheque - requires name and address

  • Paper check is sent in USD by regular mail
  • Recommended for USA and Canada ONLY as mail sent overseas can cause significant delays

2) Paypal - requires only Paypal address

3) US Bank Transfer Via Payoneer - will deposit money directly into your domestic account

4) International Bank Transfer Via Payoneer - will deposit your money directly into your international account in the currency of your country:

Canada            CAD      0.15%
UK                   GBP       0.15%
EU                   EUR       0.15%
Pakistan          PKR        0.15%
China              CNY       0.15%
India               INR        0.50%

For all other countries Payoneer will deposit the money for a 2% conversion fee or a $15.00 fee for deposit in USD. 

*Both Payoneer options will direct you to their setup page.

Make sure to save all changes! And just another reminder - you can always update your payments settings later if you would like to receive payments in another form.