Google AdSense Certified Partner Program

Ezoic is a Google AdSense Certified Partner, and with this comes additional benefits to our publishers. One of these benefits is access to the AdSense Certified Partner Program. This program is recommended by majority of publishers using Ezoic, simply because it improves the optimization process. 

You join the program by accepting a Google-hosted invite (like the image below): which you'll get by email from Google, or in the form of a link from an Ezoic representative.

Once enabled, the Ezoic system is able to use the data from your existing AdSense account to optimize the tests. Essentially, this allows the system to establish a baseline for improving the ad revenue, which in turn speeds up the optimization process.  

You can opt out of the program at any time by logging into your AdSense account and clicking on the cog > Settings > Account Info > Remove (as highlighted below):


Mediation App

We also recommend installing the mediation app along with joining the AdSense certified program. The mediation app allows you to link your existing ad networks, including AdSense, with Ezoic. Ad networks that are set up in mediation will compete with Ezoic’s own ad partners for the advertising inventory on your website. This guarantees you the best paying ads!

To use the mediation app, simply install it in from the App Store in your Ezoic dashboard and connect your existing ad networks. It takes less than two minutes and is definitely worth it!

The benefits of being in the AdSense Certified Program and using the Mediation app are:

  1. You get your AdSense code (the income from which lands in your AdSense account) included in the ad combination tests.
  2.  You get reporting pulled into Ezoic from AdSense (via the Mediation App).
  3.  DFP / ADX does not support all ad units (like link units) so it increases your opportunities to succeed.
  4.  Dilution from testing poorer performing ad combinations is lessened because the system will be using your own AdSense ads as the baseline.
  5.  Having the real baseline is the key to optimization.
  6.  There is zero revenue share - it costs you nothing.
  7.  You can remove access at any time.


Mediation Works!

You will see new ad units and extra income appear in your AdSense account but only when the mediation partner is winning.