Ad Tester App allows you to improve your ad income by using automated testing to find better ad combinations over a user session.


Layout Tester allows publishers to benefit from automatic website testing of both page layouts AND automated ad placements.

 The key reasons for testing a website are to:

     a) increase ad revenue 
     b) improve usability

Ezoic’s automated technology makes it easy for publishers to test their site without the technical headache or time burden of constructing and running experiments manually. 

Here are the main differences between the two apps:


Those are the basics - let’s go into more detail about each…


What is Ezoic Ad Tester?

Ezoic ad tester enables publishers to automatically test new ad combinations within their current theme. The page layout doesn’t change – the only thing that changes are the ad sizes and positions on the page.

How do I use Ad Tester?

To use Ezoic ad tester, publishers sign up, integrate their site, and then create ad units and place them on their site.

Most publishers are used to placing only three ad units per page (due to AdSense policy), we recommend adding 20-30 Ezoic ad units per page.  Don’t worry – Ezoic’s system will only test up to 5 ads at a time (Ezoic is authorized to show 5 ads per page rather than three as part of our partnership with Google) regardless of how many ad units are on the page.

Success with Ezoic ad tester is somewhat reliant on the publisher. If the publisher follows the best practices set forth by Ezoic, they can expect anywhere from a 20-75% increase in ad income (some publishers have seen over 200%)! This means adding anywhere from 20-30 ad units per page, including as many ad sizes as possible in each unit, and giving the system time it needs to test.

Why is ad testing important?

While it’s clear that different ad combinations can really impact the revenue it earns, it’s important to remember that all ads dilute each other. So even if one ad is performing well, it may have an effect on the performance of the other ads on the page. Therefore it’s important to find the best combination of ads on a page to increase the overall income of the site!

And don’t forget that different users interact differently with the site. For example, users from social media may behave differently than users from search. For this reason, Ezoic’s system will also test by traffic source to find the best combination for each type of user! This sort of granular testing will maximize your returns for all users and best of all, it’s all automated!

What is Ezoic full site optimization?

Ezoic full site optimization takes testing to the next level by automatically testing new layouts of the exact same content. Users will see new versions of the site – think different color themes, background colors, number of columns, menu placements, etc. – and Ezoic’s system will measure each for user experience and ad revenue. Using the data, the system will find the layouts that not only boosts revenue but also improves the time on site, page views per visit, and bounce rate.

The layouts are automatically generated by Ezoic’s system, so there is no additional work required by the publisher. There is a setup period, but this doesn’t interfere with the site and there is no downtime during setup. Publishers continue to work on their site as they’ve always done, the original site is never affected, and should the publisher wish to leave the platform, their site instantly reverts to the original layout. The site’s original layout is never affected.

So why test layouts?

Testing new layouts and ad sizes/positions within those layouts gives Ezoic’s system even more variables to test. The more variables there are to test, the greater the potential improvement!

One of the main benefits of testing a site’s layout and ads is the effect it has on user experience. Simple changes like a left menu rather than a top navigation bar can improve the page views per visit substantially – but this isn’t the case for every site. Every site has a unique profile: traffic sources, keywords, user intent, etc. That’s why there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ layout that works for everyone. By testing hundreds of layouts, publishers can let their users decide which layout they prefer while simultaneously increasing their ad income – it’s a win / win.

We’ve found that improving the user experience - meaning bounce rate is going down, time on site is going up, and page views per visit are going up – can improve rankings and win sites more traffic. Google has stated the importance of user experience for years, and we believe that the UX metrics mentioned earlier, are a good representation of how users view your site. Improving those metrics will only improve your site’s health.

Along with the user experience benefits, ad revenue is typically increased anywhere from 50-250%. Within each layout that is tested, Ezoic’s system will also test different combinations of ad sizes and placements to find the best configuration. Balancing user experience and ad revenue is the key to long-term sustainable growth.

Ad Tester or Full Website Optimization - which option is right for you?

Even if you’ve never tried testing or have run experiments on your own, Ad tester is a great way to get your foot in the door for testing. It’s easy to setup and is fully automated; once you’ve created and placed the ad units (30 minutes), all you have to do is turn it on! Then you can go back to focusing on your content while Ezoic’s technology finds the best ad combos for your site to increase your ad revenue.

Ad Tester is best for:

  • publishers who want to increase ad revenue
  • publishers who are attached to their current theme
  • publishers who have tried some testing but want to take advantage of an automated system to maximize their efforts
  • publishers who have never tested before and want to benefit from testing
  • publishers who want to see what testing is all about before using the full site optimization

If you decide you want to take testing to the next level to even further improve revenue and user experience metrics, Ezoic’s Full Site Optimization is the tool for you! Maybe you tried the Ad Tester and saw the benefit of testing and want to see more results, or maybe you are ready to jump in with full site optimization from the get-go – either way, you’re sure to get some great results.

The full site optimization is nice because everything is fully automated – meaning it can be completely hands off if you want it to be. After a brief setup period, the site is activated for full layout optimization and Ezoic’s system goes to work finding the top performing layouts on mobile, tablet and desktop for your site. You don’t have to build any ad units – it will do that for you on every page on every layout. You continue to work on your site as you’ve always done and let Ezoic handle the layout and ad optimization, like a trusty sidekick!

Full site optimization is best for:

  • publishers who want to maximize ad income and improve user experience metrics
  • publishers who want a fully automated solution to layout optimization
  • publishers who trust in the methodology of testing and understand it is a process that will payout tenfold in the long run

Either way, Ezoic’s suite of features is a great way to benefit from testing. As a publisher, you are in complete control of your site at all times. You are in control of the percentage of your traffic sent to ad tester/full site optimization/original site for each device category: desktop, mobile, and tablet.  For example, on desktop you could do 90% ad tester and 10% to the original site and on mobile you could do 40% to ad tester, 50% to full site optimization and 10% to the original site. It’s completely up to you!