The mediation app allows you to link your existing ad networks, including AdSense, with Ezoic. Ad networks that are set up in mediation will compete with Ezoic’s own ad partners for the advertising inventory on your website. This guarantees you the best paying ads.

To use the mediation app, simply install it from the App Store in your Ezoic dashboard and connect your existing ad networks. It takes less than two minutes and is definitely worth it!  You must be in the AdSense Certification program - if you need to sign up for this simply let your Ezoic account manager know and they will send you a link. Either that, or go to Settings > Advanced > Link AdSense.

The benefits of being in the AdSense Certified Program and using the Mediation app are:

  1. You get your AdSense code (the income from which lands in your AdSense account) included in the ad combination tests.
  2. You get reporting pulled into Ezoic from AdSense (via the Mediation App).
  3. Mediation allows some ad formats that are not supported by DFP / ADX (like link units) to compete for your inventory so it increases your opportunities to succeed.
  4. Dilution from testing poorer performing ad combinations is lessened because the system will be using your own AdSense ads as the baseline.
  5. Having the real baseline is the key to optimization.
  6. There is zero revenue share - it costs you nothing.
  7. You can remove access at any time.