There are loads of controls at your disposal to help you get the most out of Ezoic. Check out some of them below!

Optimization Goals

Optimization goals are a way for you to tell the system what's most important to you. Balanced is the default setting, which tells the system to look for layouts that improve both user experience and ad revenue. You can also choose Revenue Focused or User Experience Focused, which will tell the system to look for layouts that are performing well in the given category, giving more weight to the metrics you are interested in. The system will never trade performance in one area if it isn't somewhat successful in the other area - so don't worry about harming your UX or revenue by selecting a focus. Additionally, you can choose custom settings. Find out how to change your optimization goals here.

Selecting / Blocking Templates

There are hundreds of templates being tested by the Ezoic system. There will probably be some that you like more than others. We urge you to let the system test as many templates as possible, since this will increase the possibility of success. However, we understand that there may be some that you don't care for. In that case, you can block those templates on an individual basis. Learn more here.

Menu Items

The Ezoic system will automatically build a menu from your existing layout. However, there are width requirements for the new layouts, since some templates are more narrow than others. Additionally, if you add menu items on your original site, you'll need to also update them in the Ezoic system. We recommend using the menu items as a way to encourage visitor engagement. Test a few different categories and see what works! Learn more about setting menu items here.


Because of our partnership with Google, Ezoic has the ability to show 5 ads per page instead of the normal 3 display ads. We have also partnered with other companies to provide inline ads, native ads, pop-unders, etc. The system always measures revenue against user experience, so your site is always protected from being too ad heavy. Sometimes it's surprising and counter-intuitive where the best ad placements for both UX and revenue end up - luckily the system figures all that out for you! If you are interested in manipulating the ads, see the following links.

Setting Maximum Number of Ads Per Page

Selecting Ad Types

Selecting / Blocking Ad Placements

Disabling Ads by Page