This article deals with the subject of blank ads or poor quality ads - not ad blocking. Ad blocking is covered in another article.

In your Ezoic User Interface, you can select the ad types (industry sectors) you want to show on your website, and those you wish to have excluded.  

This will ensure the right ads, according to your preferences, are shown to the vast majority of your users. It is understandable that site owners want to monitor the type of ads being shown on their site.  

But remember, ad targeting is not an exact a science and every user sees different ads, many of which will be re-targeted based on the user’s previous browsing behavior.

Website owners quite often cycle through many more ads than would be ever seen in a normal visitor session. This will result in poorer ad quality being presented to that person.

Why is this?

It's generally accepted that the first ad of any user session is the most valuable. The reduction in quality/usefulness to an advertisers goes down thereafter due to lack of attention to the ads. So when someone views a large number of pages from a single IP / cookie set - within in a user session (remember that on most sites the average visitor will view a few pages of content and this varies by site), the quality of the fill rate and / or the ad quality will go down (because the site owner will be absorbing many more than the average number of pages). Fluctuating fill rate that you see personally, doesn't mean it's happening for all users.

Remember that your visitors will see much better quality / more relevant ads than you will see. This is because they are viewing a handful of pages and you are browsing hundreds of pages - this is just a reflection of the ad targeting doing its job correctly.