Ezoic's layout improvement technology is easy to integrate with, is completely non-intrusive, and won't require any additional time commitment from you. Simply create an account, point your name servers to Ezoic, and we will get working on improving your site right away!

Three Stage Ezoic Setup

Signing up with Ezoic is a simple three stage process that will take you next to no time.

1. Create an account with Ezoic by clicking here.


First and foremost you will need to create an account with Ezoic. You can do so by following the simple, five minute wizard here. You will be able to choose your goals for the tests, upload a logo, and choose a color palette.

After you've completed the wizard, you will be asked to point your name servers to Ezoic. You will be sent an email with information on how to do this.

Name servers

Pointing your name servers to Ezoic is the only technical integration needed to implement Ezoic's layout improvement technology. After you've changed name servers, there is no other required action from you! We will begin setting up your site and continue to show your original site to your visitors. Remember when changing name servers that:

  • There is never any downtime for your site
  • You remain in complete control of your content and original layout
  • You can continue to add and amend content as you've always done
  • We will never access your backend or ask for admin details
  • If at anytime you wish to leave the platform, you simply revert your name servers and your site will return to it's original version

For more information about why we ask you to change name servers, see here.

2. Set Up & Review

After you've pointed your name servers to Ezoic, we will begin getting your site set up in the Ezoic platform. In the meantime, we will continue to show your original site to your visitors until we are ready to launch the new layouts. You can continue to add and update content as you've always done and your ad income will be collected in your account.

This stage can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Once set up is complete, the site is reviewed to check it's functionality and appearance on all devices.

When your site is ready to begin testing new layouts, you will be sent a few screenshots to give you a flavor of what to expect. Once you've given your approval, the site will be activated.

3. Site Activated ('Live')

There are a few important things to remember once your site is Live in the Ezoic platform:

  • Ad Income will be collected by Ezoic and reported in the User Dashboard, along with other site stats
  • The system needs an ample amount of time to learn what your visitors like and dislike, and to adjust from there to improve UX metrics and increase revenue
  • You have control over ad settings, optimization settings, and customization features in the User Dashboard.
  • For an explanation on how to interpret your results, click here.