When the system begins showing new layouts of your site to your visitors, your ad tags will automatically be replaced by ours and Ezoic will collect the ad income for you. If you don't currently support advertisements and are interested in having them, Ezoic will automatically add the advertisements on the page for you. This enables us to track the income performance for each layout individually to determine the layouts that work best.

Ezoic is an Official Google Partner (Doubleclick Ad Exchange Partner Program) and have set up a real-time bidding system for 250+ premium ad networks (including AdSense). The ad exchange is a competitive ecosystem that can help you secure higher eCPM's, resulting in more income. However, the main increases in revenue come from the layout improvement.

You also have the ability to select the different type of ads that you want shown on your site. Follow the steps here to find out how to select these options in the user dashboard.

To set the maximum number of ads for your site, follow the instructions here.