If revenue was the sole focus, then you might expect it to impact usability. If it did then you would expect to see a higher bounce rate, as more people leave as soon as they visit your site. Or it could that mean you would see people spending less time on your site.

Revenue is just one of the factors Ezoic uses to determine ad placement. Time on site, page views per visit and bounce rate are also taken into account. Which is why you are likely to see an increase in revenue, without it impacting user experience metrics. In a lot of cases they actually improve.

Example: Earnings due to automatic ad positioning:

As you can see in the image below, the revenue has climbed higher and higher each month because the automatic ad placements:


But how did that impact usability?...

Example: Usability (visits) due to automatic ad positioning:

In the image above we can see that Visits has not only remained unaffected, but has actually improved - this is because Ezoic takes into account usability as well as revenue when it comes to ad placement.

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