Depending how frequently you update your content, you may need to create a cache rule in the User Dashboard to tell the system how often it needs to refresh your sites' pages.

NEW PAGES - are immediately identified by Ezoic.

AMENDED PAGES - may need a caching rule if they are added on a regular basis.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Ezoic Update Tool
  2. Set a Cache Rule 

Ezoic Update Tool - CTRL + ALT + E (layout tester only)

The Ezoic Update Tool will force an instant refresh of the entire site, meaning that any new or amended content will be picked up by the Ezoic system and reflected on all of the experimental layouts.

This tool is recommended for people who don't update their content on a regular basis.

Go to the updated page on your site. Simultaneously press CTRL+ALT+E.  

Look for the 'clear cache' button to appear (bottom left hand corner of your browser).  

Click 'clear cache'.  The page will update within a few minutes.

(This function is also a useful tool if you ever notice something 'off' with the site. It will force a refreshed version of the site and usually fix any minor issues).

Setting a 'Caching Rule'

If you update the content on your site frequently you can set up a caching rule in your User Dashboard. To do that, just follow the instructions below.

Go to your Ezoic Dashboard and then to the Caching App

Then go to "Add Caching Rule" button within your Caching App

Add the caching rule


You can set a rule for a single page or an entire directory. Be sure to add the URL of the page that you wish to set the rule for. Be aware though,  the shorter the 'Max Cache Time', the slower that page will run. So it is wise to use this functionality only when necessary.

Remember if you need to add menu items you can do this too: