Quick Summary
Putting it very simply, Ezoic sits between your current host and your users, allowing our system to show all the existing content in new layouts.

In more detail...
Essentially, Ezoic looks at your site, indexes all the files and dynamically re-serves them in many different layouts to your visitors via Ezoic's technology and nameservers.  

As you know, when a user visits a website, their browser looks for the content at the nameservers stored with the domain name registrar.  

By changing your nameservers to Ezoic's, your website visitors' browser requests go to the Ezoic system. When we receive a request, our system then calls back to your original server using the IP address of your host, grabs the content for the web page that the user is requesting, modifies the layout into the chosen experiment for that screen-size and user and displays it.  

So, you keep your website content exactly where it is and keep adding content in the same way you always have. Ezoic acts like a proxy between your server and the end users which enables us to adjust the website layout, test it and measure the results. The system measures time on site, pageviews per visitor, bounce rates and of course, ad revenue as the main metrics for comparison.