The first step is to integrate the site. We recommend connecting with Ezoic's CDN by changing nameservers or Cloudflare integration. Read more about the integration methods here

The next step is to set up ad testing. This consists of two parts: 

  1. Wrap your existing ads. This allows Ezoic to test your existing ad placements along with new ones for the percentage of traffic you choose to test with. For the traffic seeing your original version, they will continue to see the original ad tags. See the guide on how to wrap your ads
  2. Create & add placeholders to the site. A placeholder is a potential ad location. This means that you can add as many placeholders as you like to the site. We've found that the more placeholders you add, the more options the system has to test, and therefore better results. We recommend adding at least 8-12 per page, and make sure that you classify them with the correct position type

For help adding, viewing and editing the placeholders, we recommend using the Chrome Extension. Just a heads up, the extension will only work after your site has been integrated with Ezoic for 24 hours or more. 

Click here for a video of the setup. 

As always, email if you need any help.