The experiments page of the Ezoic dashboard shows you the different variations that have been tested on your site. This includes comparisons between the original setup, Ezoic’s Ad Tester, and Layout Tester templates (if you are using this tool). You can toggle between different date ranges and devices in order to gain more granular insight into the performance of Ezoic’s tools over time.

Each color in the chart represents a different experiment that is running:


The table below shows more detail about each individual experiment, including the performance, the level of statistical confidence which has been achieved, and projections.


You can view how much traffic is arriving at each experiment, and compare the results of each for:


Ezoic is a testing platform - the machine learning system needs to collect a certain amount of data on each experiment before it has statistical confidence in the results. This information is presented in a bar chart. A full green bar means that the system has enough data to display statistically accurate results. A red bar means there is zero confidence, and the performance reports are negligible at this stage. Orange means we are nearly there - with a little more data we will be able to see accurate results for this variation!


Engaged Pageviews and Time on Site

Ezoic has pioneered the process of optimising a site for real user engagement rather than basic metrics. If you aren’t already aware of the impact of user engagement on your website, we suggest reading the links above!


The Projections button allows you to view projected performance if you were to send 100% of traffic to an individual template.

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