Ezoic is the number one fully automated layout improvement platform. If you are an independent publisher who is looking to improve your website, earn more money from advertising, and provide a better online experience for your visitors, Ezoic is the easiest way to do so - and it's free!

Why should you test your website's layout?

We all know that having great content is the most important thing for driving traffic and earning high ad revenue. However, the layout of a website is a close second.

Most publishers aren't aware of just how important layout is. Having the best layout for your content and visitor base is the secret to earning you an additional income of 200% and improve user experience metrics such as time on site, pageviews per visit, and bounce rate. Therefore, scientifically testing and improving your website is essential to succeeding online.

However, testing hundreds of layouts on mobile, tablet and desktop can be time consuming, expensive, and technically challenging. That's where Ezoic comes into play.

Ezoic is fully automated, free to use, and doesn't require any additional time commitment or technical input from you. Ezoic gives you the ability to test hundreds of layouts to find what your visitors like best. So, you get the benefit of happier visitors and more money all at no cost to you!

How does Ezoic work?

Ezoic sits between your host server and your visitors. When a user navigates to your site, Ezoic will load the content from your host server and show it in one of the experimental layouts.

The system will measure the time on site, pageviews per visitors, bounce rate, and ad income for each layout to find the top performing layouts for your site.

After the system has had enough time to gather data, it will begin to promote the top performing layouts. This means that your visitors will see the layouts they prefer more often, and you'll be earning additional income as well.

How do I get started?

Joining Ezoic is a simple five minute process. All you have to do is complete a short sign up wizard where you are able to select a logo, choose a color palette, and set your goals for the tests.

The only technical integration is to point your name servers to Ezoic. Once you've completed that step, you can sit back and wait for the tests to begin - as simple as that!

You continue to add and update content as you've always done and the changes will be automatically reflected in the experimental layouts.

Why do you ask me to change name servers?


Testing & Results

After a brief setup period, your site will be ready to begin testing new layouts. The system will simultaneously show different layouts of your exact content to segments of your visitors and measure their responses to each experimental layout.

The system will continue to direct 10% of your traffic to your original site so that the results of the new layouts can be compared to the old layout.

You will be able to track the performance of each layout individually in the User Dashboard.

The most important thing to remember about testing is that it takes time. In order to reach a high confidence level the system needs enough data. Patience is key here - if you can give the system the time it needs, you will be happy with the results.

Benefits of Ezoic

Ezoic is the first and only fully-automated layout improvement technology.

  • No additional time commitment or technical input
  • Easy integration
  • Free to use - no contracts and you can leave at any time if you aren't satisfied
  • More money each month from better ad placements
  • Happier visitors
  • Touch-and-swipe enabled mobile and tablet versions of your site

Join Ezoic!

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