Mobile anchor ads are one of the site-wide ads offered for the ad tester app. They are a great addition to any site and have been known to increase income substantially. Here's what they look like:

Steps to add anchor ads to your site:

1. If you’re not using anchor ads on your original layout:

In the Ad Tester App, toggle the ‘Anchor Ad’ in order for them to show up on the ad tester versions of the site. That’s it!

2. If you’re already using mobile anchor ads, your setup is a bit different:

From the Ad Tester app, toggle the anchor ads to turn them 'on'. Next to the toggle bar, click ‘upload your own anchor ad code’. Add your code in the box and click ‘Save Changes’. Next, you must remove your original anchor ad code from your site to keep them from interfering with each other. Don’t worry, the system will use the default code you uploaded to display your original anchor ad for the percentage of traffic being sent to your original version of your site (without ad tester).

If you have any questions please email

*Some publishers may not have been given access to AdSense anchor ads yet and may be worried that using them on their site will create problems with AdSense policy. Don’t worry, this is not the case! Because of our partnership with Google for their Network Partnership Program, we are allowed to show the anchor ads on the portion of your site using the ad tester!