Ezoic is built to help publishers improve website revenue and user experience. Websites comprise of many elements, from content to page structure to social icons and plugins. Ads are also an integral part of many websites. The Ad Tester App has been built to help publishers optimize ad performance.

There are 2 main factors that affect ad performance (like for like):

1.  Position of the ad on the page

2.  The way that combinations of ads can dilute one another

Ezoic's Ad Tester App allows you to set 'placeholders' on your site where ads of varying sizes may be tested. The system will test different combinations of ads and sizes on each page. The combinations that make the most money, while still promoting good user experience will be shown to the majority of your users.  

Many publishers understand the need for testing ads as well as the value that it adds - but it's hard to do and time consuming. The Ad Tester App lets you do this automatically. The App can run many thousands of tests per day. It designs, analyses and implements successful ad combinations and never gets tired or bored of running tests. So you get the results way sooner than by running any amount manual tests, leaving you free to concentrate on your content.

Ad Tester is a super-simple, fully automated ad position testing app - try it free for 30 days here - even after the free trial, you'll never pay a single penny to use the service. More money, happier users and more time for you to work on your site - it's a true win-win.  

You can install the Ad Tester app by registering or signing in to your Ezoic account and navigating to the 'App Store' tab. 

Got more questions? Feel free to ask us at support@ezoic.com!