How does Layout Tester increase revenue?
Ezoic's Layout Tester allows publishers to automatically perform multivariate testing on their website(s). Ezoic will learn which layouts perform the best with different user segments and deliver tailored experiences to every website visitor based on their behaviour. This means better use experiences and more pageviews, which correlates directly with revenue. Other than content, layout testing on your website is the single most important factor to user experience, traffic and revenue.

All layouts are fast and mobile friendly. Layout Tester optimizes mobile and tablet devices - increasing revenue and improving UX in just about every way you can imagine.


How much revenue increase can I expect?
When using the Layout Tester, increases in revenue depends on many factors, including preferences set by the publishers such as optimization goals, maximum number of ads, types of ads, etc. Increases of 50%-300% are common, and many publishers see much greater increases than that. 

The best advice we can give to result in the maximum revenue uplift, is to have as many templates and placeholders enabled as possible. More ad units and templates means more combinations can be tested, which increases the potential for the system to find higher earning ad combinations!

Want more info?
Why not take a look at this case study to see why our publishers use Ezoic's Layout Tester and specific examples?

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