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The Ad Tester extension allows you to choose the locations and sizes of ads on your site without having to replace any code on your page. 

To use the Ad Tester extension please download the extension from the Chrome store here. You can also search for it on the Chrome store here.

To use the Ad Tester extension follow these easy steps:

1) Choose the create button to get started. We suggest using "Automatically Detect" as the placeholder size. This allows the system to gauge how big an ad can fit in that size and select all ad sizes that apply. Then click select location.


 2) Use your mouse to hover over an area where you would like the system to test an ad. The selection will highlight in blue. 


3) Click on the box and choose if you want the ad at the beginning or the end of the element using the arrows.


4) When you’ve chosen the correct place for the ad click "Insert Here." You will then be prompted to choose the page position for the ad and what device it should show on.


All sizes that can fit that location will automatically be selected. The second tab also allows you to edit any of the sizes that were automatically selected. You can select or deselect any sizes you choose. 


The third tab allows you to style the placeholder. You can choose the size of the margin in the top section. The second section entitled "Float" gives you the option of left or right alignment for the ads when text is wrapped around the ad. The third section called "Alignment" allows you to put the placeholder on its own row and choose the alignment of it as well. 


You can also add native and link unit placeholders by scrolling down in the chrome extension where it initially says "automatically detect." Adding them works the same was as display placeholders. 

To view the placeholders on your site choose “View” in the Ad Tester extension. This will make all the ad placeholders show in various colors (there's a different color for each position type) and include a dropdown of all the sizes selected. If you click on "edit" the editor window will reappear and you can make any changes to the sizes, styles, and position selection. You can also delete the unit completely from here by clicking "remove."

Click here to watch a video demonstration.