While WordPress integration is a completely acceptable way to integrate with Ezoic, name server integration improves your site speed in ways that WordPress can’t. Name server integration is easy and can be completed in three short steps:

  1. Login to your Ezoic dashboard and navigate to your “Settings > Site Integration > you may have to click “Show all integration options” > Name Servers > View Instructions”. You’ll see something like this (image below) and will be prompted to change your name servers with your DNS provider/Registrar.

  1. You can do this by copying the name servers listed under “Change Name Server to”, and pasting them under name servers in your domain registrars control panel. That will look similar to this:

  1. Wait 24 hour for the name servers to propagate 

Ways that Name Server Integration Improves Site Speed:

  • Reduction in page load time: Ezoic's name server integration method removes an external call that is required with WordPress integration.

  • More platform speed tools that include Ezoic's caching application, free CDN, and edge caching—features that are absent in WordPress.

  • Additional Site Speed features only available those using name server integration.

DEBUNKED: Common Misconceptions Around Name Server Integration 

  • A name server integration method will change my hosting. False—hosting remains unchanged. 

  • Using name servers to integrate could slow down my site. The opposite—using name server integration will make your site faster. 

  • If I use the name server integration method, I will lose some form of control. Absolutely not—you can switch your name server back at any point or turn Ezoic off and your site remains the same as it is today.  

Still have questions? 

Our team is happy to help you switch to name server integration. Please reach out to support@ezoic.com for additional help.