What types of sites will The Site Speed Accelerator work with (CMS, hosts, etc.)?

The Site Speed Accelerator works with all sites that are able to change their DNS/nameservers, use WordPress, or leverage Cloudflare. This Ezoic product is not exclusive to publishers (or sites showing ads) and there ARE NO REQUIREMENTS to use the Site Speed Accelerator.

CMS systems that CAN easily use The Site Speed Accelerator include:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Prestashop
  • Sharepoint
  • Discourse
  • Bitrix
  • RebelMouse
  • Custom pHp
  • TYPO3
  • and more...

How do you integrate or access the Site Speed Accelerator?

Sites must be integrated with the Ezoic platform to use the Site Speed Accelerator. Any site can sign-up and access the platform without any cost, obligation, or payment method required.

Sites have 3 available forms of integration with Ezoic: Cloudflare integration, WordPress plugin, and Cloud integration (name server integration). After signing-up, Ezoic will detect which options are available to your site and provide step-by-step instructions on how to integrate your site with those methods.

Details on integrating can be seen in the videos below:

I have unique scripts, ads, pixels, or other unique elements on my page, will the Site Speed Accelerator still provide a fast score or experience?

Yes. Most sites are surprised to learn that despite the different qualities, scripts, or other unique qualities their sites possess, Ezoic is still able to make their site instantly faster.

Custom scripts, ads, pixels, or other unique elements on your page will not affect the performance of the Site Speed Accelerator. If any of the above elements happen to be speed-optimization-related scripts, plugins, or widgets—we recommend deactivating or removing those elements once using the Site Speed Accelerator (i.e. turn off a plugin in WordPress that is installed for site speed after Ezoic is active); as they can often cause conflicts or slowdown your WordPress admin

Will the Site Speed Accelerator cause my site to look different, lose functionality, or break?

No. Your site will look and function as normal with the Site Speed Accelerator. It will just be much faster for your visitors.

You will have the ability to preview your site’s Site Speed Accelerator version before activating to ensure all site functionality works properly.

What is a version? A Version is a configuration of settings. New versions can be created, archived, or tested to see how different features in the Site Speed Accelerator impact speed, functionality, visitors, revenue, and other aspects of your website.

How will I know if it is working on my site properly?

Before ever activating a "version", sites should create a version and then "preview" their website to make sure that everything looks normal. 

The Preview will allow you to easily navigate your entire to ensure that...

  • Menus and navigation work properly
  • Embedded items on the page display properly
  • Ads display correctly (if you have ads on your website)
  • and anything else that might look abnormal

Some versions may have certain functions or features of The Site Speed Accelerator turned on or off. The default setting on all newly created version is "recommended"; however, some sites may notice that these versions setting up the Accelerator, a new "version".

If an activated version causes a site to lose functionality or break, you can deactivate the active version with the click of a button. You can then try toggling on or off features to see if there is a specific item causing the issue. Otherwise, we recommend flagging the issue and documenting what you identified by contacting support for further assistance. They are very fast and can ensure the Accelerator will work for your site (typically this is solved in less than an hour minutes).

The Site Speed Accelerator gives you the power to turn off specific functions of the Accelerator or exclude certain pages entirely.

The preview looks fine, but my WordPress site is different after I activated the Accelerator?

Ezoic will try to minimize errors by disabling site speed features for WordPress admin. This means that if you are seeing the preview version of your website while being logged into WordPress that it will often not be showing the actual preview.

Quick Solution:

To see the preview, you'll need to open a new window in Chrome Incognito Mode or another browser. You can also simply log out of your WordPress admin when previewing the site. You can copy the preview URL from the preview window and paste it into any browser to see the exact view that visitors will see if you enable that version.

If you do experience an error, you can reach out to support to remedy it. If you require greater specialization for your site’s needs, the technical support team will work with you to ensure the Site Speed Accelerator meets those specifications.

How do I make sure the Site Speed Accelerator is working?

If you want a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to implement the Site Speed accelerator, this blog shows you how. You can also check out the video walkthrough above.

There are 3 simple steps to ensuring the Site Speed Accelerator is working on your site:

1.) Ensure you are integrated

2.) Create a version and preview it

You can even run the preview URL through page speed tools to see how much faster your site is!

3.) After viewing your preview, ACTIVATE THE VERSION

What is "Clear Cache" and do I need to clear the cache after every change?

Caching is when a browser requests a resource, the server providing the resource can tell the browser how long it should temporarily store or cache the resource. For any subsequent request for that resource, the browser uses its local copy, rather than going to the network to fetch it.

If you’re using the Site Speed Accelerator “Recommended settings,” caching best practices are already in place. If you are experiencing issues after creating a new version in place of a deactivated version, you can clear your cache and see if that affects the issue.

My site score hasn't improved. Did I set it up correctly?

If the Site Speed Accelerator version active, the score should be much faster than it was without Ezoic? If the version is active and this is not the case, your Site Speed Accelerator version might still be propagating. Try clearing the cache and checking the speed again in 15-30 minutes.

In rare cases, it may take up to 12-24 hours to see the full improvements to speed and PageSpeed scores.

Should I use the recommended settings and why would someone use something else?

Yes, we recommend choosing the recommended settings for the maximum functionality of the Site Speed Accelerator.

The only reason a publisher would not choose the recommended settings is if a specialized setup; however if the recommended setting causes issues on your site and requires you to make adjustments, we'd like you to contact support@ezoic.com so that we can fix this for you specifically.

Sites can modify settings by clicking edit from the version menu and then toggling on features and previewing how they affect their site.

You can document what is different about your Site Speed Accelerator preview, then send to support@ezoic and they will work to improve the tool to work with your site.

My TTFB is still showing up in PageSpeed scores on my WordPress website. What gives?

If you choose to integrate via the WordPress plugin, you won’t be able to reap all the benefits of the Site Speed Accelerator due to the nature of plugins and they're inability to provide some of the advanced caching. The scripts that make up a plugin have to make external calls to the server, slowing down TTFB times. 

This is why we recommend integrating through name servers or Cloudflare over WordPress plugin after you get the Site Speed Accelerator running on your website.