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Adding Videos to Pages

Modified on: Fri, 4 Aug, 2023

Humix provides powerful tools for getting videos on your pages, whether you don’t have any videos of your own yet, or you are heavily invested in your videos that pair well with your articles.

Simplest options for getting videos on pages

Don't have many videos of your own?

Use Engage: Display Network Videos

In your Humix dashboard, navigate to the Channel page.


On the right-hand side of the page, switch the Engage: Display Network Videos toggle to ON.


After that, our AI will begin inserting relevant videos shared with the Humix Network on your pages in high visibility locations. Note: This setting is enabled by default when you enable Humix. *must be approved for monetization

Have a lot of videos on YouTube and YouTube iframes on your pages?

Use YouTube Import and YouTube Replace

Navigate to the Channel page on your Humix dashboard.


Then select the YouTube Settings tab.


Then switch the Enable toggle under Replace Embedded YouTube Videos to ON.

Once this setting is enabled, any YouTube iframes of videos from your YouTube library that you’ve imported into your Humix Studio with the YouTube Import feature will be replaced with native Humix video players.

Uploading videos straight to Humix?

Auto Select (automatic)

If you want the process to be totally automatic, navigate to Site.


Then navigate to the Settings tab.


Switch the toggle for the setting Auto Select All Available Pages to ON.


This will automatically add relevant videos from your Humix Studio to your site with AI.

More Control (manual)

Upload your video to your Humix Studio, and when you save the video click Save and Add to Page.


Fill in the URL where you want your video to appear, select the appropriate location, select your display settings, save, and your video will begin appearing on your page.


More Information

For more information on creating new video locations on your site, click here.

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