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I see changes in Google Search Console and am concerned about not passing Core Web Vitals.

Modified on: Fri, 3 Nov, 2023

This change in Google Search Console is actually because Google implemented Core Web Vitals into this report. All websites saw this change; currently, only roughly 15% of total websites pass Web Core Vitals right now, and it is not related to any change on Ezoic's end. It's extremely important to note that while Google has begun incorporating this into their tests, they have stated Web Core Vitals will NOT be a ranking factor until May 2021.

They've also incorporated this into Google Pagespeed Insights, and most website's saw their scores drop because of this. You can put any website into Google Pagespeed Insights with ads and you'll see similar results.

Our site speed team is currently working on ways to help publishers improve their Core Web Vitals.

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