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What do I do if I recently purchased a domain that's already on Ezoic?

Modified on: Sat, 13 Jan, 2024

I recently purchased a site that was already using Ezoic, and now I can't sign up! What should I do?

If you're trying to sign up a domain with Ezoic and it says it already exists, not to worry! 

First, it’s important to check if the site is still integrated with Ezoic - you can check if Ezoic Nameservers are present using whatmydns.net


You can also check with the site’s previous owner that they have completely removed integration from Ezoic - this will need to be actioned before our team can transfer the domain to you.

Once this has been confirmed that the site is no longer integrated with Ezoic click "Add Site" in the top left hand corner of your dashboard


From there, enter the domain of your newly purchased site 


Click the green "click here" text to begin the ownership verification process. For step-by-step instructions on how to verify ownership, please refer to this helpful article 

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