What does ‘beta’ mean?

Ezoic Staff -

Every tech startup company has a release life cycle for their product or service. Ezoic is currently in private beta, which means that we are offer our product to a limited audience to continue testing and receive feedback.

However, your site is not begin used as a ‘guinea pig’!  We have spent over three years and several million of dollars testing our technology to make sure that it is safe, reliable, and successful.  We originally built the platform to help manage our own sites and improve their income and user experience metrics (we still own sites that we use as test sites).

We believe that building a service for your own use this is the best way to build any good platform (look at Amazon for their AWS service, or Google's Adsense program).  We believe that this gave us dual perspective of both sides of the business, giving us the ability to align our interests with those of our publishers.  We will not test anything on a partner site that we have not first fully tested on one of our own sites several times!

For our current publishers, we are thrilled to share in your success and greatly appreciate any and all feedback to help us continue to grow and improve.  We are planning to open up the platform to the general public soon.

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