How To Integrate Using CloudFlare

Ezoic Staff -

The Ezoic system views your site in the same way as CloudFlare does, essentially ‘sitting’ between the site and your users. This has a number of benefits - primarily it means that the Ezoic system does not have to access nor can it change any code, or anything on the back end of your site. So your content and coding remains the same and you retain full control of whether your site is integrated with and/or using the Ezoic.


Ezoic is a Certified CloudFlare partner, so if you have an existing CloudFlare account and are using CloudFlare nameservers, you can integrate easily in the Dashboard using our app - it’s super simple:


1) Sign into your Ezoic Dashboard, and integrate your site: 


2.  Click on Integrate Now: 

3.  Enter your Cloudflare account details. 

 If you are interested in learning how, here's the science behind this! 

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