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As well as testing new layouts to improve usability, the Ezoic system is also continually testing ad placements on every page.

  • By monitoring bounce rate, time on site, page views per visitor (UX); the Ezoic system can get the maximum income from any page without damaging the site’s user metrics.

Making more money from advertising on your sites doesn't necessarily mean more ads. Better ad placement is the key. In fact, more ads can work against you in the long run because if you are spamming out your users by showing too many and limiting their access to the rest of your content, then you are damaging your users' experience of your site

  • Its a slightly counter-intuitive concept to grasp, but better placed ads (on a mobile/desktop or tablet page) can improve your revenue by many times over without damaging the site's usability, because you have the insurance of monitoring and improving user experience.

How Advertising fits into the Ezoic equation

As a site owner, you probably get contacted a lot by people who want to sell ads for you, or improve your SEO profile, or sell you something.  We're not doing that.  

Our technology is free to use.  

How do we do that?

  • To be 100% clear, Ezoic does not sell ads; we are not an ad network.  We are a technology company that specializes in site improvement.
  • The majority of the increase in earnings we deliver comes from better positioning of the ads on each page (no matter what the screen size).  Over time, income and ad placement continues to improve.
  • When the platform begins serving the new layouts, we will replace your ad tags with ours in order to track the income performance for each layout and collect the income.
  • Ezoic is a partner with Google in their ad exchange program.

We track and display income in the Ezoic Dashboard, where you have access to all the metrics related to your site’s performance.

Ad Control

There are settings in the Ezoic UI to block certain ad categories that you don’t want to see. The platform uses DFP to serve the ads and Amazon Cloud (AWS) to serve your site from four data centers around the world.

Where the ads come from

When you partner with Ezoic you also get access to our feed of advertising exchanges. By implementing real-time bidding (which is a dynamic ad by ad auction process for selling advertising), we are able to secure the best price for the real estate on your page.


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