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The iOS App Creator allows you to take your exact same content, and put into an easy to access application within Apple's App Store! This means that anyone with an iOS device can download your app and access your site whenever they want (even offline)!

It is available for those who have gone through Enhanced Integration only, but it is highly recommended, as the influence of apps continues to increase in the online ecosystem.

The cost is $4.99/month, but it will quickly pay for itself... and then some!

Note: If you would prefer not to do the setup for your app, there is an option to pay a one time fee of $29.95 for Ezoic to do all aspects of the setup for you.

Here is a quick explanation of the tabs you will see for the iOS App Creator:

  • Stats - track the number of app downloads your app has received per day in the App Store!

  • App Status - review where your app is in the set-up process. A red status means that some sort of action will need to be taken on your end. Yellow means that Ezoic is handling it, and green means you are in the App Store; "ready for sale"!

  • Settings - name your app, apply the app title, and add the app description here (all required fields). You can also add keywords for your app, as well as the URLs for your privacy and support pages. Note: the app keywords have a 100 character limit.
  • Primary and Secondary Categories (within Settings) - edit the app categories that your app will appear under in the Apple App Store. You can choose both a primary and secondary category for the app if simply one doesn't apply!
  • Content Ratings - input the content ratings of your app so that Apple can review them and apply any parental filters (if necessary).
  • Images - this tab includes App Icon and App Launch Image
  • App Icon - upload your app icon here. You can change this at any time. The image must be exactly 1024 px x 1024px (no smaller, no bigger). Remember, this is what appears on every iOS device that installs your app, and will even appear next to your app name in the App Store. Make sure it's good :)
  • App Launch Image - upload the launch image for your app here. You can change this at any time. The image must be exactly 2208px x 2208px. A launch image is what's displayed as your app loads (almost like an interstitial). It's up to what you want the interstitial to be, but keep in mind that it is large. The quality of the image will play a big part here!

  • Push Notifications - send out a Push Notification. A Push Notification appears at the top of the iOS device (for a few seconds) and can be a good way to get people to open or view something in your app. Users will have to allow push notifications from your app. Simply provide the message and the URL that users will be directed to and then send it out!


We will automatically build the following for your app:

  • The support page link is mandatory. Essentially, it just needs to provide a way for users to give feedback/get in the contact with you about the app.
  • The privacy policy link is required for apps that are 1) made for kids, or 2) offer automatically renewable In-App Purchases or free subscriptions. They are also required for apps 3) that access a user's existing account or 4) as otherwise required by law. It's highly recommended for any app that collects user or device-related data. Basically, just do it! :)
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