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Standard Integration Options

recommend for most sites

  • Ensures website remains fast, or faster than it was prior to integration
  • Leaves all elements of the website and code unchanged at all times
  • Provides access to dozens of apps and tools instantaneously
  • Allows intelligent website visitor learning and testing 
  • Does not affect hosting or how you update content or manage your website now

Nameserver Integration 

If you look at the WHOIS information for any domain on the internet, you will notice a Name Server(s) section like this:

When a browser navigates to a domain, it calls the nameserver for that domain to retrieve the IP address from which to pull the website's content. This IP is typically your web hosting (server).

When integrated with Ezoic, the IP address that the Ezoic nameserver returns is an Ezoic IP located nearest to that user. Ezoic acts as a reverse proxy and returns the page content to the visitor even faster. 

Nameserver integration instructions 

Technical Requirementsaccess to your domain settings at your domain's registrar (godaddy, enom,etc.) 

How to integrate:

  • Log in to your Ezoic Account 
  • You should see a large "Integrate your site" message on the homepage. Click on that. If the message doesn't appear, you can navigate to Settings in the main menu (left) and then select "Integration" (right)
  • On the Site Integration page that follows, click on the “View
    Instructions” link under Nameservers. If you only see Cloudflare
    as an option, please contact your Ezoic representative to enable
    nameserver integration (or complete integration via cloudflare).
  • On the Nameservers page, you will be shown your domain’s
    current nameservers along with the ones that you need to
    change them to. The name servers listed are different for every
    domain so it’s critical that you get them directly from this page
    in your Ezoic account and not from the image below or from
    another domain of yours.

Nameserver integration instructions (continuation)

In order to change nameservers, you must login to wherever your domain is registered (registrar). The instructions for each registrar are slightly different but we’ve compiled a list of the most common ones to help.

  • Once you have changed your domain’s nameservers, it may take
    up to 12 hours for the change to propagate.
  • While you are waiting for the nameservers to propagate you can double-check the DNS records that Ezoic imported for your Domain in Settings > Advanced > DNS Settings (under the Server

CloudFlare integration

Cloudflare is a leading security & CDN company that is used by more than 2,000,000 websites including fbi.gov, M.I.T., Zendesk, Cisco and the Nasdaq. Ezoic is the only Google Certified Publishing Partner that is also a certified partner of Cloudflare which means integrating is simple and automatic.


CloudFlare integration (continuation)

When Cloudflare integration, Ezoic becomes the source IP from which Cloudflare pulls your website’s content. Ezoic, in turn, pulls your site’s content from your web host. This is all done via lightning fast server-to-server connections from data centers around the world.

CloudFlare integration instructions

Technical Requirements:  Site has been integrated with CloudFlare for at least 24 hours

How to integrate: 

CDN integration 

Ezoic works flawlessly with all major CDNs, including Akamai,MaxCDN, Google Cloud, CDN77, EdgeCast, and every other CDN in existence. This works in the same way as Cloudflare integration except that a small amount of additional manual work is required.

CDN integration (continuation)

CDNs typically sit between your host and visitors coming to your site. Integration with a CDN is done via nameservers or a CNAME record.

When you integrate with Ezoic via CDN, you enter in an Ezoic url as the source location for the subdomain(s) that your website is served on, then Ezoic pulls content from your web host via a lightning fast server-to-server connection.








CNAME integration 

A Canonical Name record (CNAME) is a type of DNS record that is used to specify that one domain name is an alias for another domain, which is the “canonical” domain.

To integrate with Ezoic via CNAME, you create a CNAME record in your own DNS that points the subdomain(s) used to serve content to Ezoic. Ezoic then pulls the content from your hosting via a
lightning fast server-to-server connection.

CNAME integration instructions 




Javascript (JS) integration (not recommended)

Webmasters are used to idea of placing a script on their page to integrate many simple technologies. It’s easy, but not an optimal form of integration for the type of visitor learning and testing provided by Ezoic. Ezoic does NOT recommend javascript integration for any websites receiving more than 10,000 visitors per month.















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