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For sites on the Ezoic platform, publishers have access to the Wordpress Hosting app. This app allows publishers to host their sites on Ezoic's servers, free of charge!

*Requirement: Content Management System must be WordPress



Benefits of Using Ezoic Hosting

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited cloud-based memory
  • Unlimited cloud-based CPU cores
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Uses PHP 5.6 by default and can be customized to other PHP versions
  • Ezoic will stop malware at the DNS level
  • Ezoic detects and excludes unsafe content
  • The system currently also offers ddos protection and other security measures
  • We will be offering (free) malware scanning soon
  • Sites hosted with Ezoic will also benefit from having tech team members monitor user experience metrics regularly



Steps to Switching to Ezoic's Hosting: 

PART 1: Install WordPress Hosting App, Fill Out Information

  1. Install WordPress Hosting App in your Ezoic Dashboard                                         
  2. You will then be prompted to fill out your existing WordPress credentials
  3. Enter a secure SFTP password in order to create a new Ezoic WordPress hosting account

PART 2: Review Staging Site 

  1. Install this Chrome extension:https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/virtual-hosts/aiehidpclglccialeifedhajckcpedom?hl=en

      3. Input given IP provided in the WP Hosting App to "VHost IP"     



     5. Open a new tab in Chrome, and visit the site that was entered in the "VHost Domain". (This should redirect you to the IP entered in the "VHost IP")

     6. Review the site 

PART 3: Switch the DNS

  1. If everything looks good on your staging site, then you are ready to switch your DNS! In the WordPress Hosting app you will click the following button:


Your site is officially hosted on Ezoic servers!

If you have any questions regarding the WordPress Hosting app or the steps above, please do not hesitate to reach out to support@ezoic.com








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