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Does Leap 'trick' PageSpeed Insights and other measuring tools?

Modified on: Wed, 24 Jan, 2024

Leap is not tricking any tools. The tool is truly unique and provides unprecedented results because of meticulous attention to solving common speed issues for all sites while providing cutting-edge technology designed to optimize scripts and third-party calls. Ezoic had an engineering team work on this for a very long time and they continue to make updates to keep Ezoic users ahead of the curve. It makes common speed recommendations actually work on all sites.

Most solutions to speed up sites require multiple tools or plugins that need to be configured specifically to every site. What’s more, the combination of these tools can be costly and they are often ineffective together. This is especially true on sites with tons of exterior calls that can be pre-connected at their origin, such as tracking tags, ads, and analytics.

Leap, in every instance, will make the User Experience objectively faster. Everything relative to what the visitor needs from your website–meaning, the content, navigation, ability to interact with other elements on the page–should load nearly instantly like they would for something like AMP or instant articles. Leap uses a proprietary script delay to delay elements that are not as important to the user experience; this proprietary script delay also defers these less important scripts from loading in an order that actually is unique to every site. The order in which scripts are loaded can dramatically impact total page load time, so differing scripts that are unimportant to the user experience until after the visitor has had a chance to engage with the page is one of the reasons Leap works so well.

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