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Ezoic Automatic Setup FAQs

Modified on: Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

1. What happens if I choose the Automatic Setup?

If you choose Ezoic’s Automatic Setup option when you sign up for Ezoic, you simply need to Cloud Integrate your site and apply for Google Ad Manager, Ezoic will handle the rest of your setup for you!

2. Why do I no longer need to set up placeholders, an ads.txt file or consent management?

Ezoic’s ever advancing technology means that we’re now able to automize the setup of these features, making Ezoic’s setup easier than ever before.

3. How long does the Automatic Setup take?

Ezoic’s Automatic Setup only requires publishers to Cloud Integrate and apply for Google Ad Manager, taking as little as five minutes. This allows the Ezoic Team to complete the rest of your setup for you, which'll then take around three days. 

4. Is the Automatic Setup available to all publishers?

The Automatic Setup option is available to all publishers, though you must Cloud Integrate to utilize this setup path.

5. Can I use the Automatic Setup if I integrate via Ezoic’s WordPress plugin?

The Automatic Setup is not available to sites that integrate via the WordPress plugin. Plugin integration requires you to use the manual setup process.

6. Once I have integrated and signed up for Google Ad Manager, how long will it take for Ezoic to finish the setup?

Once you’ve completed the necessary steps on your end, it will take Ezoic three days to complete the setup.

Note: Whilst Ezoic related setup steps will take three days, Google approval (required for ad serving) unfortunately takes anywhere from 2-14 days.

7. Do I still get access to support if I choose the Automatic Setup?

Yes, you still get access to regular support if you choose the Automatic Setup.

8. What happens if I don’t integrate, remove integration or do not sign up for Google Ad Manager?

If you fail to complete either Cloud Integration, remove integration or fail to complete the MCM application, the Ezoic team will be unable to complete your setup for you.

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