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Ezoic Cloud Integration

Modified on: Sat, 27 Apr, 2024

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What is Cloud Integration?

What are the benefits of Cloud Integration?

How To Integrate Via the Cloud

How Does Cloud Integration Work?

What is Cloud Integration? 

Cloud integration is the most popular and effective method of integration. It allows you to access Ezoic’s technology at the server level, which provides a fast and secure connection, and delivers the best overall performance.

What are the benefits of Cloud Integration?

Cloud solutions are the future of technology. While Javascript and Wordpress plugins are great for small changes, anything that provides significant improvements or revolutionary functionality should be done via cloud or server-level integrations.

Cloud Integration is fast, secure and provides the best revenue, user experience and site speed performance. Your site is automatically connected to Ezoic’s robust CDN network, which caches your site around the world to make it readily available and accessible for all. Ezoic’s Cloud Integration also provides security & protection, SSL and privacy features.

While the instructions below will help most publishers, those who already have their site integrated with Cloudflare may find it simpler to use the instructions here.

How to Integrate via the Cloud

Cloud Integration is quick & easy, which is why so many publishers choose this method of integration.

Steps to integrate:

1. Log into your account and click on ‘Integrate Your Site’:


2. Select the Cloud Integration option.


3. You will see a simple table with your current name servers on the left and the custom Ezoic name servers we’ve generated for your site on the right. Update your site’s nameservers to the Ezoic ones at your registrar / host (wherever you manage them)


It can take up to 24 hours for your Ezoic dashboard to register that the integration is complete. This is because of caching and propagation on the internet. In the meantime, you can continue with the set up process.

How does Cloud Integration work?

Cloud integration connects your site to Ezoic at the server level, which is fast, secure and provides optimal performance.

Let’s look at how the internet works:

  • You type “domain.com” into the address bar and hit enter
  • Your browser sends a request to that domain.com’s name servers
  • The name servers respond back with the IP address of the website’s server
  • Your browser requests the website content from that IP address
  • Your browser retrieves the content and renders it in your browser

When your site is integrated, the requests get routed through Ezoic’s technology. This allows Ezoic to make automated improvements to the site without changing the content, host, or registrar.When someone accesses a website, their web browser first has to find out which server to request the page from. This is achieved using the domain name system (DNS), which matches domain names (like ezoic.com) to IP addresses (like so that the page can be provided by the appropriate server. In practice, the way this works is that this request will be made to a particular 'name server', which provides an IP address for the site. 


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