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How To Integrate With Ezoic Using CloudFlare

Modified on: Fri, 5 Nov, 2021

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What is Cloudflare?

How to integrate using Cloudflare

How do Ezoic and Cloudflare work with your site?

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a reliable content delivery network (CDN). A CDN is a proxy service which uses a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centres across the Internet, optimising the delivery of your web pages and ensuring your visitors get the fastest page load times. Ezoic uses Amazon Cloudfront CDN. Cloudflare also blocks threats from bots and crawlers to keep your website safe.

How to integrate using Cloudflare

1) Ensure you already have an active Cloudflare account and your nameservers are pointed to Cloudflare.

2) Sign into your Ezoic Dashboard, navigate to get started today and select integrate your site.


 3) Click on Activate via own account: 


4)  Enter your Cloudflare account details and press save once these have been updated.


5) Your site will now be integrated with Ezoic, congratulations! Once integrated, there are two settings to check over to ensure everything is working correctly:

i) DNS Records

Once your site has fully integrated with the Ezoic system, Ezoic will automatically pull all of your DNS records in from Cloudflare. To confirm that the DNS records and IP addresses match the ones at Cloudflare you can check your DNS settings in Ezoic by going to your Dashboard > Settings > DNS Settings.

ii) SSL

Like with the DNS records, it's really important that the SSL settings in your Ezoic SSL app match the ones at CloudFlare exactly. You can find more information on how to ensure your SSL certificate is compatible with Ezoic here.

How do Ezoic and CloudFlare work with your site?

Ezoic is a Certified Cloudflare partner (see here and here for confirmation of Ezoic partnership status), so if you have an existing Cloudflare account and are using Cloudflare nameservers, you can easily integrate with our platform. By installing the Cloudflare app, we will use their service to serve your site, improving load times and performance. 

The Ezoic system views your site in the same way as Cloudflare does, essentially ‘sitting’ between the site and your users. This has a number of benefits - primarily it means that the Ezoic system does not have to access nor can it change any code, or anything on the back end of your site. So your content and coding remains the same and you retain full control of whether your site is integrated with Ezoic. You can uninstall the app at any time and we will revert to Cloudfront, Amazon's CDN.

At no time does Ezoic store your Cloudflare password. Your username is stored, but as soon as your password is used to authorize/create a token for Ezoic to make changes to the DNS Records (so that traffic can be routed through Ezoic at the DNS level), that password is deleted, so our system no longer has any record of the password.

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