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Modified on: Fri, 2 Oct, 2020

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What Is Name Server Integration?

How To Integrate With Name Servers

How Does Name Server Integration Work?

What is Name Server Integration? 

Name server integration simply means that whenever someone wants to access your site, their web browser asks Ezoic's name servers where on the internet your site is located. You remain in control of the domain name you've chosen and can change your name servers away from Ezoic at any time by contacting your domain name registry, which remains the same even after integration.

Name server integration is the most popular and effective method of integrating with Ezoic, which is the first step to and therefore accessing all of the benefits we provide. Like other forms of integration, it enables us to tailor the website for each user as well as provide a percentage of your users with the original site, too - a proportion which you can adjust at any time in the settings page for your site. By doing this we can provide an apples to apples comparison of how users interact with both site versions.

As an added benefit, publishers also get free access to Ezoic's Amazon Cloud Servers (AWS) — with over 4 data centres around the world. This ensures your site can be delivered to your users lightning fast via the closest geographic centre.

While the instructions below will help most publishers, those who already have their site integrated with Cloudflare may find it simpler to use the instructions here.

How to Integrate with Name Servers

When you add a site to the Ezoic system, the site's DNS records are automatically imported and replicated in your Ezoic Dashboard. These include all your canonical values such as "www". This way, your domain is all set and ready for you to change name servers with no down time for your site! It's important to note that this set up can only be done before integration with Ezoic.

1. Log into your account, and you’ll see this message below on the homepage - click on ‘Integrate Your Site’:


2. You will then be taken to a page that gives you options for integrating. Click on the ‘View Instructions’ on the ‘Name Servers’ page, and then follow the simple steps.


You will then see the following screen, which contains a simple table with your current name servers on the left and your future Ezoic name servers on your right. 


3. All you need to do now is go to your registrar and change your existing name servers to the Ezoic name servers listed in the table, like in the example table displayed above. 

Once you've done this, it’s best to wait 24 hours to allow the new name server addresses to propagate through the internet before starting the setup process. Before you switch Ezoic on, the Ezoic name servers will simply direct visitors to your existing server, meaning that the website will remain unchanged.

How does Name Server Integration work?

When someone accesses a website, their web browser first has to find out which server to request the page from. This is achieved using the domain name system (DNS), which matches domain names (like ezoic.com) to IP addresses (like so that the page can be provided by the appropriate server. In practice, the way this works is that this request will be made to a particular 'name server', which provides an IP address for the site. 

At the moment, your existing name server is quite likely to always give out the same IP address no matter which web user is requesting it. When Ezoic becomes your name server, we will direct your user to the Ezoic server which is geographically closest to them. This will help us to speed up your site for your users, as well as tailor aspects of the site for each user. Your Ezoic site will continue to be based on the site hosted at your original server, so any changes you make there will continue to show up in the Ezoic version, too.

In order to integrate with Ezoic via name servers, we need to make sure Ezoic knows how to access the original site - i.e. it has the IP address of your origin server that you're currently using - and that Ezoic's name servers have been appointed the name server for your domain. 


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