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Ezoic WordPress Plugin Speed Features

Modified on: Thu, 28 Mar, 2024

The Ezoic WordPress plugin was updated and added lots of new features, among these is our Speed features which you can find in your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Ezoic > Speed Settings:



The speed settings page contains some additional features to complement Leap and help optimize your site. The Settings are as follows:


Many sites do not use Emojis but these are included by default with WordPress, this results in your site being slower because you are loading unnecessary resources. Enabling this feature will prevent the loading of the Emojis and improve performance.


This allows pages that are either being served via HTTP or HTTPS to call scripts and CSS files without additional redirects which will improve the loading times.


jQuery Migrate is a script that allows jQuery to update. When you introduce new features on top of older ones your code becomes messy. To avoid this jQuery migration is the best solution. Removing this can help improve performance as it reduces the number of scripts that need to be loaded however it can have a detrimental effect on your site’s functionality if heavily reliant on jQuery. Enable this option with caution.


The features listed above are all related to DOM size, by enabling these features you are removing the potentially unnecessary links from the DOM reducing its size and therefore the time it takes the browser to parse. This will help improve your page loading and therefore will improve FCP and LCP as well as the time to the interactivity of your site.

RSS links are not actually used by your normal browser instead they are used by third-party applications so can be removed easily however if you are reliant on RSS links for your site traffic then it may be best to leave this option disabled.

All the settings mentioned in this article can be toggled on (enabled) and off (disabled) independently at any time.


Once you have enabled the settings you wish to use you will need to save these settings by clicking the save settings button at the bottom of the list, the settings will not be activated unless you save them.

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