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Ezoic's Privacy Policy App

Modified on: Mon, 6 May, 2024

Setting up this app allows Ezoic to generate a privacy policy for your website. It is Google policy that any site displaying Google Ads (and thus using the DoubleClick cookie) must display this policy. 

You can find this by going to the Settings tab in your Dashboard and selecting Privacy:


From here you can select the Privacy Policy App:


The information you input into this app will be displayed to your users when they visit the privacy policy page for your website, so we advise you to only provide information you are comfortable sharing publicly on the internet.

Ezoic will then generate a privacy policy for your site and it will look something like https://g.ezoic.net/privacy/mywebsite.com

If you'd prefer to use your own privacy policy, you can do so by entering the URL for your privacy policy into the 'Privacy Policy Link' box within the app, as shown below:


If you are using your own privacy policy and want to disable Ezoic's, then you should either:

1. Contain a link to the Ezoic generated policy - which you will be able to find under Settings > Privacy > Privacy Policy > View Documentation.


2. Contain a placeholder where Ezoic can embed the privacy policy. For this option, you will need to include this HTML snippet on your privacy policy page, which can also be found in your dashboard under Settings > Privacy > Privacy Policy > View Documentation:


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