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Getting Started: Ezoic's Requirements

Modified on: Fri, 14 Jun, 2024

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What are Ezoic's Requirements?

Site Size

Google Policy

Site Content

AdSense-supported Language

Type Of Site

What are Ezoic's requirements?

A really common query is - what are the conditions that my site must meet to be approved for the Ezoic platform? If this is something you'd like to explore, then look no further! This article will outline all of the conditions that our Platform Quality team consider when approving a site for Ezoic.

Site size

Ezoic no longer imposes pageview limits upon new sign-ups. Removing the previous threshold of 10,000 monthly visits to use Ezoic's Monetization features has allowed us to eliminate the long-running narrative that as sites grow they somehow qualify or earn a chance to work with higher-paying advertisers from different ad networks or third-parties that have historically excluded them.

This has no grounding in how the ad ecosystem works and only exists because these parties have not wanted to bother with these sites until they thought they could generate a profit from them. In reality, this is theater and cheap marketing.

Previously, our 10,000 pageview limit was developed simply to help us scale how we screened sites for content quality and ad policy guidelines while providing appropriate support to sites as they navigated setting up a sophisticated ad configuration using AI technology.

Sites will still be subject to all other ad policy and quality guidelines, but we won’t restrict a site because they simply haven’t been able to grow their site beyond 10,000 pageviews anymore.

These processes are a big reason why sites that have gone through this onboarding have seen unprecedented growth over the last year.

Publishers do not need to be approved for monetization to use our Leap tool.

However - all sites must be in compliance with Google's policies.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Site content

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic needs to ensure sites using our tools are compliant with AdSense policy, though AdSense approval isn't actually necessary in order to use Ezoic for the vast majority of sites. We require all content to be original, constructive and enticing. You can find more information about these quality guidelines by clicking here

AdSense-supported language

All sites we work with must be written in an AdSense-supported language. You can find a list of these languages by clicking here.

Type of site

At the moment, we offer Ezoic's monetization products i.e. Ezoic Ads to informational, content rich sites. We don't currently work with sites that are predominantly corporate or e-commerce. However, for example, if your site is a blog attached to an e-commerce site - we can certainly take a look! Moreover, corporate and e-commerce sites are able to use our Leap tools as long as they adhere to Google's policies (above).

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