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Getting Started with Ezoic Video

Modified on: Fri, 29 Jul, 2022

The Ezoic Video Platform is an amazing new tool for monetizing content! The Ezoic Video Platform includes technology for serving, hosting, monetizing, and even displaying your video content to help you generate more revenue.

To get started, navigate to the video page on your Dashboard:


As soon as you have a video you want to use, you can get started with generating video ad revenue.

Step 1: Adding a video to your Ezoic video library

There are 3 different ways to add a video to your Ezoic video library:

1) Uploading a video directly
2) Uploading a video batch with an MRSS feed
3) Importing videos from YouTube (you’ll need to authorize your YouTube account with us in the settings tab so we can import your videos)

See the screenshot below:


Uploading a video: when you select this option, you’ll be taken to our Video Stepper to select your file and add important details.

A couple of tips:

  • We recommend a nice title and a brief description to gain SEO benefits from using Ezoic Video.
  • Make sure to set your video privacy to public, otherwise, we won’t serve it on your pages!
    Once you’ve selected your video for upload and added a title and description, just hit save in the top left and your video will be available in your library as soon as it’s processed.

After uploading your video, we’ll prompt you to select where you want to add your video. 

Just enter in the specific URL where you want the video inserted, and we’ll find available video placeholders that are already on your pages, and then you choose which video placeholder on that page you want to add your video to. When you’ve found which placeholder you want to add your video on, just click “Add Video Here” and we’ll do the rest. 

If you don’t know what page you want your video on, you can easily insert it later.


Don’t know what a video placeholder is? Find out here, or scroll down to Step 2 in this article about inserting videos to your pages.

If you want a more in-depth look at adding videos to your Ezoic video library, check out this article about just that!

Step 2: Adding your videos to your pages

Once you have at least one video in your Ezoic video library, you can get started with adding it to your pages and begin generating video revenue.

The simplest way to add videos to pages is with our official Ezoic Chrome Extension.
Once you have the Ezoic Chrome Extension installed, you can get started.

Navigate to the page on your website where you want to add your video, then activate the Chrome Extension and select the “Video” tab.


From here, change to the “Create Video” tab:


And click the “Select Video Location” button. This will enter a mode that will allow you to simply click on the approximate location you’d like your video to appear:


From here, click the “Insert Here” button, which will open up a prompt for you to select the video you want, as well as any settings you want to set for how this video will appear on your page.


Make sure you scroll down to view all the different options you have for inserting this video! If you want to learn more about what these different options are, see this article about inserting videos here.

When you’re done, click the big green “Save Placeholder” button at the bottom of the popup, and then you’re done.

This process creates what we call a Video Placeholder, which is our way of tracking the locations where you want videos to appear. The great part about using the Chrome Extension is that once you make a video placeholder with the Chrome Extension, we’ll automatically find similar locations that you might want to add your video to on your other pages so next time you want to add a video, you don’t have to go through the whole process again.

For more information and other ways of adding your videos to your website, see the support article about it here.

Step 3: View Results

You can review the performance of this video under “Video” in Big Data Analytics. Please note we do not display data within Big Data Analytics until it is finalized the following day.


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