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Getting Started with Humix Video

Modified on: Wed, 8 Mar, 2023

Humix has everything you need for video content! The popularity and value of video is expected to continue to rise steadily, and continues to help overall revenue earnings, increase site traffic, and keep visitors engaged.

Humix is a simple platform for adding new video, managing existing uploads, customizing your video player, optimizing your SEO, configuring how video interacts with visitors, adjusting monetization goals, and so much more. 


To get started, click on the Humix icon from your top navigation bar.



The Overview page will provide you with vital business insights and common actions such as:

  • At-a-glance performance metrics for estimated video earnings and video play count from the last 30 days
  • Track daily or monthly improvement for revenue and video play count, and also compare this week to last week or this month vs last month
  • Click "Analytics" for more data insight
  • See your Top 10 trending videos
  • Quickly upload new videos to your video library
  • See how many video uploads you have and how many uploads are still processing


The studio page is where you can manage your videos.

  • Add New Video — upload new, upload MRSS feed, Import from YouTube
  • Playlists — create or edit playlists to compile videos you want to play within an embed location on your site.
  • Batch Update Videos — select multiple videos to update keywords, categories or add links
  • Blocked Videos — view any videos that were deemed inappropriate to either delete or appeal


The site page is where you can manage how video is displayed on your site.

  • Embed Videos — create a video embed for video(s) or playlist(s) to appear within on your page. Manage size or location of an existing video, or replace one video with another.
  • Network opt-ins — enable sharing, displaying or a combination of both to build a new revenue stream, increase traffic, and provide readers with more video content
  • Batch Update Embeds — update multiple video embeds at once with updated device type, video floting behavior, autostart or loop, and video ad management.
  • Exclude Embeds — select video embeds to be excluded from a specificied page by adding a new rule
  • Disable Embeds by Page — disable video embeds of your own video and/or network videos for a single page
  • Video Player — (available for Premium publishers only) customize the way your video player looks and matches your site's brand, adjust floating postiion, size and margins, and add custom title and prefix captions.
  • Video Sitemap — regenerate your video sitemap


The monetization page is where you can configure your revenue goals and related settings that can impact how Humix performs for your site and video content.

  • Ads Configuration — customize ads across your website putting focus to what you care about most, adjusting ad length, and enabling playlist monetization
  • Network opt-ins — enable sharing, displaying or a combination of both to build a new revenue stream, increase traffic, and provide readers with more video content
  • Settings — enable ads, cross domain access to share with other sites you own, and how video links open in a new tab or window


The channel page is your go-to menu for setting up how you utilize the global video network, and authorizing your YouTube account to import.

  • Network opt-ins — enable sharing, displaying or a combination of both to build a new revenue stream, increase traffic, and provide readers with more video content
  • Exclude Network Videos — exclude a video that has been displayed from the global network on your site by selecting a reason and marking the video
  • YouTube Settings — link your YouTube channel to import videos easily from your YouTube into your Humix Studio library, you can also authorize analytics to help improve the measured data. *see below for some troubleshooting steps
  • Channel Information — update logo, description, screenshot and colors for your site
  • Manage Comments — the Emote platform system helps you setup moderation settings, take actions on comments and commenters, and show analytic data for total comments and comments by page
  • Preview Channel — 


The resources page will be a helpful landing spot to submit feedback about Humix, or find support documents such as this one that can assist you with common questions or understanding of how to use Humix.


Trouble Authorizing YouTube?

We would recommend the following steps just to make sure the authorization token is set correctly:

  • Log out of Ezoic’s Dashboard.
  • Clear browser cookies (or just Ezoic.com’s cookies)
  • Completely close browser
  • Re-open browser
  • Navigate to Ezoic Dashboard (it should prompt for a log in) and log in
  • Re-try linking Youtube channel
  • If you’re still experiencing problems with this feature, please get in touch with our support team.

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