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Guide to Using Humix Video Network

Modified on: Thu, 26 Jan, 2023

What is the Humix Video Network?

Ezoic’s Humix Video Network is a growing video-sharing service where content creators can share their videos to be displayed on other websites, publishers can increase the amount of video content they have on their own site by enabling network videos made by someone else to be displayed, and revenue is split between sharing and displaying digital videos.

There are two options that can be enabled:

  1. Grow: Share Videos - share your created videos to be used by other publishers
  2. Engage & Earn: Display Videos - insert videos made by other publishers that have matching content to your site’s niche

Matching video content is based on your “Video Relevancy” setting. From the Engage section click “change” to choose from:

  • Less (most videos shown, not as relevant content)
  • Normal
  • More (fewest videos shown, more relevant content)

How do I join Humix?

From your dashboard, click on the Humix tab in the navigation bar and click the “Turn On” button.


If you joined Trailblazer and saw Humix in its Alpha testing phase:

  • If Enabled - you will continue to have access; no action is required
  • If Disabled - you are given the option to re-enable
  • Never Joined - you now have the opportunity to enable and reap the benefits

How do I start using Humix on my site and pages?

Share Videos - If you want to share your videos uploaded in Ezoic to the Humix network you need to toggle on “Grow: Share Videos”. Enabling this will show all your videos as being shared, and all future videos uploaded will automatically be added to the Humix video network. The video thumbnail image will display a “Shared” banner.

If you have a small number of videos that you don’t want to share, change the “Share on Humix” toggle to off for those specific videos to be unshared. If you want to be selective with which videos you want available on Humix, keep the “Grow: Share Videos” toggle off and use the “Share on Humix” toggles that appear on each video card to share a specific selection of videos to Humix.


Insert Videos - If you want to display videos made by another content creator on your pages you need to toggle on “Engage & Earn: Display Videos”. Enabling this will allow Humix network videos to be inserted onto your site. Videos with matching content will be pulled from the shared network library and will be displayed on your page(s) in high-visibility locations. Humix videos will only be displayed on pages that do not already have assigned video placeholders to avoid conflicting with videos you’ve already placed.


Formally, if you used Humix during its Trailblazer debut you had to set up empty/unassigned video placeholders for network videos to be added. That is no longer required making it easier for you to have pages with added network videos. If you have empty/unassigned video placeholders, we recognize you chose placements for those that suit your page’s content, they will continue to be chosen ahead of the new auto-placeholders to pull and display videos from Humix. Deleting your own empty placeholders could cause issues displaying videos on mobile sizes.

What are some common misunderstandings I should know about?

  1. Sharing a video on Humix is different from your video being “Public”. Humix has its own library and can access videos made by any content creator that uploaded videos to Humix.
  2. Cross Domain access is a setting that loads your videos from other domains you own into your normal video library so you can assign them in normal video placeholders. Cross Domain does not mean videos made by other publishers (Engage & Earn) will be inserted onto your site.

What if I leave Ezoic, what happens to the videos I’ve shared?

If you decide to deactivate Humix or your site is turned off, all of your videos are automatically removed.

Learn More: https://www.ezoic.com/humix-network/

Visit Site: https://humix.com

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