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Hosting Media on Subdomain to fix Safari Incompatibility

Modified on: Fri, 2 Jun, 2023

Learn how to fix Safari incompatibility issues by hosting media on subdomains

Here at Ezoic we can do a lot, but there are still some things we are unable to do due to powers outside of our hands. One of these things is hosting large media files on domains coming through our proxy. This is a known incompatibility issue that impacts all versions of Safari, and the problem is related to handling range requests - Safari uses this to request partial responses for large files like audio and video files.

To explain this a bit further - unlike other devices/browsers, Safari doesn’t want the entire Media file delivered in one go, which is why the usual brute-force tactic of streaming the whole file doesn’t work.Safari chooses to stream ‘portions’ of the file so that it can be incrementally buffered in a piecemeal fashion. Is also chooses to access random, ad-hoc access to any portion of the file that it requires.

This is where the incompatibility appears - Ezoic wants to get the entire Media file from orig, proxy it, and deliver it to the end-user, but Safari doesn’t work this way which is why we (for now) cannot be compatible with large media files which are on domains coming through our proxy.

So what can we do?

Do not fear, we have dealt with this issue a lot, and have come up with a solution for you to be able to use Ezoic and have your media be compatible with Safari and iOS devices.

In short, the solution is hosting the larger media files on a domain that is not coming through the Ezoic proxy, and then create a link from that subdomain to the main domain that you want to show the media on.

For example, let’s say you are trying to integrate the domain www.mywebsite.com.In order to host your media elsewhere, you would contact your host about creating a subdomain, and call it media.mywebsite.com (for example).Some hosts already have subdomains set up for websites (like cdn.mywebsite.com) which is where you will be able to host your media.

Then, once the media is hosted on a subdomain, redirect all current media urls to the main domain, and embed them where you want them to appear on your website.

Below are a few guides that we have found helpful for hosting Media Files on Subdomains:


Alternative Solution

A second alternative solution here is to use Humix!

Our great video player tool gives publishers access to a growing video-sharing service, while also providing custom machine learning technology to improve the outcomes for streaming video on your website. With direct control for how you share videos, display videos, and use configuration tools you’ll help your video content perform better in search engine optimization (SEO), increase video playback numbers, optimize video placement, and maximize ad revenue. Track performance with Ezoic’s custom video analytics for your own videos and network videos. Incorporate Humix to your site and watch as your site continues to grow!

This alternative is a great solution as you can now make money from plays on your videos, and have them shown across other websites on the platform to make even more money!

Below are some guides on how to use Humix:


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