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How do I keep my AdSense account active while using Ezoic?

Modified on: Sat, 18 Dec, 2021

If a publisher wishes to keep their AdSense account active while using Ezoic, AdSense will require that traffic and ad impressions register consistently through their system.

Many publishers will want to both keep their AdSense account active - to continue using the AdSense platform as a backup to the Ezoic setup or to bolster potential revenue through AdSense Mediation - but also want to maximize the amount of traffic passing through Ezoic versions of the site. 

Ezoic makes doing both quite easy, and you'll find a step by step guide below. All you need to do is set the Ezoic traffic percentages to 99%, which will route 1% of traffic back to your original site with AdSense ads showing, thus keeping the AdSense account active!

1. Access the Ezoic Dashboard 'Settings' Tab


2. At the very top of the page under the Tab icons, you'll see a section for "TURN ON EZOIC'. 

Click the green button for 'Update Settings':


3. The Settings pop-up will allow you to adjust the Ezoic Traffic percentages. You can opt to use the slider (i.) or to use the text box to input the desired value (ii.) You can also use the keyboards arrow keys up/down if you click into the text box (ii.) Once you've input the desired value (in this case 99%), click the green button for 'SAVE'!


Once completed, you're all set to keep the AdSense account active and maximize the amount of traffic showing Ezoic versions of the site at the same time. Oh, and as an added bonus, sending 1% of traffic back to AdSense means that you'll be able to directly compare how Ezoic is performing compared to AdSense! Neat, eh?

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