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How do I report videos, adjust relevancy, and manage comments for Humix videos?

Modified on: Mon, 28 Nov, 2022

How can I report a bad Humix video and remove it from showing on my pages?

There are three ways you can report and remove bad Humix videos:

1. From your Humix dashboard, go to 'Channel' and open the “Exclude Network Videos” tab and click “Exclude a Video”. Here, mark the reason why you'd like to exclude a video and select the video you no longer wish to show on your site.


2. From Humix.com or a publisher’s website that shows a Humix video, you can click the flag icon and give a reason why you’re reporting. Then, Ezoic has a platform quality team that reviews if the video reported contains inappropriate, stolen, or objectionable content. If it does, that video is removed from Humix and is no longer in the rotation to appear on any websites.


3. Using the Ezoic Chrome Extension, under the Humix tab you can exclude certain network videos from appearing on your page or disable network videos from appearing on that particular page.


How does Humix find a good match to display that shared video on my site?

Humix videos are ingested, categorized, and aggregated with logic that then can be matched up with your site's content. This application helps to improve Humix videos aligned with the niche or subject matter of your website.

Even though the Humix network has thousands of videos with a vast range of different topics & categories, content that is in a small enough niche will result in fewer related videos to populate out of what’s available from the Humix network to display. One solution is to check how you’ve tagged the content, and consider expanding the IAB tags associated for a better match.

You can always update the setting for “Video Relevancy”. There are two locations to make changes:

1. From the Auto-Engage section click “change” to choose from:

  • Less (most videos shown, not as relevant content)
  • Normal
  • More (fewest videos shown, more relevant content)

2. From the Humix Home page, open the “Displayed” tab where you'll find a column titled “Video Relevancy”. Click on the text for a particular video that has been inserted on your page to change relevancy settings for all videos.


How are comments managed on videos?

From the Humix page, click on 'Channel' and then on the 'Manage Comments' tab to be taken to the Emote settings. Emote is our commenting system that requires email signup. To use Emote on your domain, you will need to install the Ezoic Wordpress plugin which is linked on the page. Using Emote is an easy-to-use commenting system that gives the publishers control over authentication, comment sorting, comment filtering, email notifications, adding a moderator, bulk actions, analytics, and other advanced settings.


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